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Media-Alliance provides consultancy and professional services for Requirements capture, System Design, Deployment, Commissioning, Training and Technical and Operational Support, in partnership with leading Independent System Integrators. Our solutions are cost-effective and incorporate advanced technical innovation based on user experience and feedback gained in deployments around the world. The result of our continuous development is a unique MAM solution which can be deployed quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption to ongoing operations.


Media-Alliance has developed BORNEO (standing for Born-New) as a single integrated and modular application offering MAM; Newsroom; Workflow and Metadata Management; Content Processing; Archiving and Delivery based on a unique blend of new technology and our unique experience in delivering and supporting high value solutions for the worlds most demanding customers.

BORNEO is the first Broadcast solution to offer the unique user-experience based on frame accuracy in the Cloud.


Transcodes all video file formats, converts graphics and documents and indexes metadata. Speech to text transcription is available for most common languages and integrates advanced algorithms for video and audio index/analysis break detection and file-based QC.


A journalist in a remote location can record a video, using a camera, webcam or phone and send to an iPad or PC then connect to the Newsroom’s Rundown to write the story, edit it, add a voice over and graphics and insert the story in the Rundown for the Editor In Chief’s Approval.


Being designed for Cloud, optionally the whole BORNEO suite or part of it can be offered as a service. It can be also the professional base for Multiscreen “monetization”.


BORNEO is fully compatible with all earlier Media Alliance systems. Any MediaXplorer installation can be upgraded to take advantage of Borneo’s unique capabilities.

MEDIAXPLORER  - scalable, cross platform Media Asset Managemement

“Media Asset Management” (MAM) has become a widely over used phrase in the broadcast industry with a range of suppliers stating that they can deliver it. Broadcasters often discover too late though the limitations of most of these solutions, which only offer a browse and search capability, or media management for specific purposes only.

MediaXplorer from Media-Alliance delivers a fully featured and scalable MAM, complete with workflow and archive management for all the broadcast operation. Enterprise wide efficiency is achieved through intuitive user interfaces, automated processes and integration with traffic systems, ingest solutions, newsrooms, production, post-production and playout.

With a combination of Windows and cross platform web clients, MediaXplorer can be rolled out across complete media organisations. Powerful searches on a flexible metadata schema, proxy browse, EDLs creation and export to NLEs are only some of the key functionality provided.


 Scalable from small to large enterprise operations, supporting any language (Latin and non-Latin) and being easy to use and maintain, since 1994 MediaXplorer has become one of the most successful Media Asset Management solutions globally and continues to lead the market.


MediaXplorer has both Windows clients for the most detailed specialist tasks, and cross platform (Mac, Windows and Linux) web clients (using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE etc.) to provide users with the ability to perform core tasks—search, browse, create and exports EDLs, and partial restore.


MediaXplorer offers a flexible “soft” schema for metadata entry that can be customized without coding. With standard and advanced search and browse, including query by audio and query by video, users able to efficiently find required content.


Manage complex workflows with the Material Manager, defining media rules for automatic execution, and setting-up repositories and watch folders for these workflows. Different rules can for different content with workflows stored in XML files.


MediaXplorer has been integrated to nearly every type of third party system using industry standard protocols or APIs where required. Media Alliance also offers products that closely integrate with MediaXplorer including VIVA ingest, NewsNet newsroom, and ONDA playout.

PICCOLO  - a cost-effective entry to the world of high quality media asset management

Media Asset Management projects are notoriously expensive, time consuming and high risk. Usually you’d expect to see workflow consultants, metadata schema experts, integration and IT engineers, specialist trainers and a whole host of others to help implement your solution.

Now comes PICCOLO, from the experienced media asset management and media workflow experts Media-Alliance, to make implementing and operating your first MAM simple and easy.

PICCOLO is a feature rich media asset management solution that contains all the functionality that you need to get started. Install the software, integrate with your storage, set user rights and then get started all by yourself on up to 5 concurrent cross platform web clients (MAC or PC), and with on-line help.

All this functionality starts with the first year maintenance included. Add optional software modules to enhance your functionality, or upgrade to full MediaXplorer.


PICCOLO is supplied as virtual appliance file that already includes the installation. Just install into any Windows PC as Virtual Machine and the Virtual Application is ready, based on Windows 7 64 bit embedded and SQL Express with advanced Services.


For small MAM installations connect a stand-alone hard disk or LTO. For larger installations, integrate with the Disk Archive Corporation ALTOTM disk storage. Allocate a folder for incoming media assets, and PICCOLO automatically registers and moves content to the storage.


Set-up the rights of up to 5 users using the PICCOLO User Manager and then start to experience the ease with which you can start managing your media assets in a rich and intuitive media environment through the PICCOLO cross-platform web client user interface.


PICCOLO supports automatic media import and transcoding to create H.264 and proxies for use on your web clients. You can then browse, add meta data enabling advanced searches, create EDLs to export to leading NLEs, and export media to locations on your network.


PICCOLO web client user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, but if you need extra assistance you can refer to our web board and dedicated web site for support Direct support is also available for clients with maintenance contracts.


For further details visit Media-Alliance

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