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The new 3Play is the most complete, integrated sports production solution available. No other product combines slow motion, instant replay, multi-angle preview, in-game highlights and instant social media publishing - with the push of a button.

3Play is a turnkey sports production solution that extends live workflows to capture more plays, more content, and more of your audience’s attention than any other live sports solution available—while stretching your budget further than ever. Unlike highly expensive replay servers and controllers that limit you to a linear, tape-like workflow, 3Play is designed for anyone producing sports who wants to create beautiful network-style, audience-engaging shows on a cost-conscious budget—not just replay.

The 3Play lineup... 
3Play 4800 8 input, 3 output. The most-complete integrated sports production system available, for broadcasters, pro leagues and teams, and large venues. Stadium-scaled and configurable for even the biggest shows.
3Play 440 4 input, 2 output. A fully integrated live sports production system for regional and mobile broadcasters, colleges and conferences, and mid-size venues. Sized for mobility, adaptable for small and moderate shows.
3Play 425 4 input, 2 output. Entry-level professional replay, competitively priced and compact enough for television stations, school teams and emerging leagues to produce local games anywhere.
3Play Mini 4 input, 2 output. Ultra portable yet powerful professional replay from any location.
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Benefits & Features

  • Engage stadium fans, online viewers and broadcast audiences with greater ease and simplicity
  • Instant replay for all levels of sports, eg. football, rugby, athletics, squash, judo, snooker, darts, sailing
  • Multi-angle ISO recording for range of events, eg. concerts, festivals, competitions
  • Slow-motion replay for analysing player behaviour and playing techniques
  • Or useful as stand-alone recorder/player for digital signage or security applications

With 3Play solutions, it’s now possible for event producers to produce an epic live experience that attracts new fans, bigger audiences, and more sponsors to any sporting event, with total game production in standalone environments where a switcher isn’t available. At just a fraction of the cost of other replay systems, producers of major sporting events can say goodbye to over-inflated pricing, and hello to new revenue opportunities - delivering a winning fan experience in every game!

Replay is no longer optional in sports production. Unfortunately, the high cost and limited functionality of today’s popular replay servers makes it a challenge for any sports organisation to effectively manage infrastructure costs as technology advances. We've set a new standard with 3Play by putting more real-time capabilities directly in the hands of replay operators, while at the same time, significantly lowering capital costs for any sports organisation. Producers can now deliver the electrifying highlights that drive greater fan loyalty - and have a direct impact on the revenue and profitability of their business.

Dr. Andrew Cross, Chief Technology Officer at NewTek.


3Play acts as a very capable instant replay device and ISO recorder which can be patched into a TriCaster (or any other vision mixer for that matter) to massively enhance your live event production. As everything is recorded all of the time, you can replay events from multiple angles, and at varied speeds for integration into the live show at any time. If you've ever wondered how producers can suddenly play in shots of a wonder goal being scored from camera angles you've never seen before (goalpost-cam, assistant referee-cam, goalkeeper's boot-cam etc. this is the kit they use to do it!

The units accept and output any combination of HD/SD SDI. HD/SD Component, Y/C or even Composite which should cover the needs of anyone from a major broadcaster to a local sports team. The Mini version has HDMI connectors instead.


3Play 4800, 440 and Mini can be operated in a switcher-type mode using output 1 as PVW and output 2 as PGM, and then transitioning between them both. However a typical setup would actually be very simple - one operator runs the vision mixer and another runs the 3Play. The 3Play operator is marking interesting shots, sorting through various camera angles, naming clips etc. which are then played out on request to the vision mixer for inclusion in the live production. The separation of these two demanding tasks means that they are both given the attention they deserve and the quality of the final production will ultimately reflect this. This means bums on seats are maximised as far as the audience is concerned and minimised in terms of crew. It's an approach that works so well that NewTek have decided to show just how small your OB truck can be nowadays by building an entire working setup (complete with satellite uplink) into a Mini Cooper. Little space - big production, done professionally.

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