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Object Matrix have developed an object based solution that addresses the challenges faced by any organisation that needs to manage large amounts of file based or unstructured data. Managing where content is, how it is protected, handling metadata and ultimately finding it can often be a costly and resource hungry endeavour.



MatrixStore is an object based, plug and play, storage appliance that allows users to keep their digital information online and protected with minimal administrative effort. Taking advantage of commodity storage hardware it provides a secure, scalable online repository for your digital assets.

MatrixStore software is not tied to proprietary hardware; it utilizes high quality, off-the-shelf disk-based storage hardware. MatrixStore server nodes are run on open hardware running Linux and therefore can support hardware platforms that are supported by the Linux operating system. MatrixStore does not change your data in anyway.

Product Highlights

  • Metadata Protection: Protects metadata and the essence allowing content to be found in an instant.
  • Process in Place (PiP): Uses the power of the cluster to automatically extract and enrich metadata.
  • Scalable: Scales in capacity and performance with minimal effort.
  • High Availability: Highly resilient, redundant architecture.
  • Free Client Tools: DropSpot, MXFS and move2
  • Enforces Business Rules: Policies enforce that the data cannot be deleted before its time. Not even with administrator access.
  • Open API: Java and C API for full integration into existing applications in the workflow.
  • Future Proof: Future proofing via software virtualisation. No dependency on a hardware platform.
  • Multiple Tenancy: Distinct storage vaults allowing different departments to share the same storage infrastructure.
  • Performance: Time to first byte in milliseconds. Performance scales as the cluster grows.
  • Authenticity: A digest calculated when the data is stored acts as a guarantee that the data is bitwise exactly the same when it is read back as when it was originally stored.

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