The Complete Solution for DPP File Creation

Telestream Vantage allows you to quickly assemble, transcode and deliver DPP files for UK broadcast delivery.

Fast and Easy DPP File Creation

As UK broadcasters standardize upon DPP files as their interchange formats, content owners and producers are tasked with creating those files to ensure successful delivery. DPP files must observe the correct timeline structure: they must contain the correct metadata, and they must be encoded to exacting standards with the highest possible quality. Without Vantage, the DPP file creation process can involve several disparate systems, hand-crafted XML files, and extensive editing to ensure that slates, bars and tones are executed correctly… costing time and money.

Vantage significantly simplifies the process by offering a complete, automated and easy-to-use solution for creating DPP files quickly and effectively. Operators simply enter metadata and mark programme segments. After that, Vantage automatically assembles the timeline with slates, bars and tones in the correct places, and programme segments aligned accurately. Vantage also integrates with common QC systems to perform Harding FPA analysis. Vantage then encodes the output AS-11 file with its award-winning full 16-bit video processing and optional GPU acceleration, while simultaneously inserting the metadata. Vantage can also automate delivery to the final destination, allowing you to quickly scale your DPP file production with a minimum of manual labour.

Vantage® offers a complete solution to:

  • Allow data entry of DPP metadata, including automatic validation and administrator-defined data entry rules
  • Assemble a DPP time line, generating bars, slates, tones, and aligning programme segments correctly
  • Transcode to create a DPP-compatible AS-11 MXF file, including metadata and time code
  • Automate delivery to multiple locations

Metadata Entry

Using the Vantage Workflow Portal, operators simply enter DPP metadata and mark programme parts in an easy-to-use interface. System administrators configure data entry rules, choosing which fields should be read-only for the operators (such as “Distributor” or “Contact information”), choosing default values, and restricting choices as desired. Operators can then quickly focus upon their data entry task, and Vantage will validate the XML prior to job submission.


System Configuration

The following Vantage modules are used to create DPP files:

Workflow Portal – allows the operator to enter DPP metadata and choose programme parts using proxies of the original content

Post Producer – when combined with the Portal, renders the correct DPP timeline with slate, bars, tone and accurate programme alignment

Transcode Pro – encodes the final DPP AS-11 MXF file (both SD and HD), simultaneously inserting DPP metadata

Analysis – analyzes DPP XML files to ensure valid formatting and metadata compliance

Delivery Connectors – Aspera and Signiant delivery protocol options (HTTP, S3 and FTP are standard capabilities)


  • Output Format: AS-11 MXF for DPP
  • Video Encoding: AVC-Intra 100 and IMX
  • Audio Encoding: 4- and 16-channel PCM
  • Audio channel mapping 
  • DPP metadata entry
  • Metadata validation
  • DPP XML file creation
  • DPP timeline EDL creation and assembly
  • Automated slate generation 
  • Automated delivery to FTP, S3, HTTP, Aspera, Signiant, and more
  • Closed Captioning synthesis from source or SCC file
  • Conform
  • HD VANC support
  • Keyframe extraction
  • Media expansion
  • Bumpers and trailers
  • Timecode burn in

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012 R1 and R2
  • Minimum Server: Dual, Quad Core Processors, 16GB Memory
  • Recommended Server: Telestream Lightspeed Server with GPU acceleration; High-Speed NAS or SAN storage recommended; GigE Ethernet adapter
  • Database: SQL 2008, SQL 2012, SQL 2014 - Express, Standard or Enterprise1
  • Client OSs: XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Server 2008 R1 and R2, 2012

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