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A short blog piece from GB Labs on its FastNAS high performance shared media storage, featuring advanced tools, RAID protection and Hybrid disk technology.

FastNAS – who is it for?

Almost all modern businesses require some form of shared storage to collaborate and efficiently manage their digital assets. Individual requirements vary but as technology moves forward, the size of our files, the quantity of assets we own and the inevitable management of those resources becomes more and more important.

Many people buy the wrong solution based on price and soon regret the decision when faced with unreliable performance that is nothing like the theoretical figures they were sold into. The other major complaint comes from limited scalability and the inability to re-use previous generations of storage.

There are many choices in network-attached storage and there is certainly no one size fits all, but an easy to use system with lots of performance and capacity will never be a bad thing. So a system that can offer all of these at an attractive and totally achievable price is something that is ideal for all businesses, large or small.

How can it help?

Whether you are sharing data on a local or Global scale, FastNAS offers any stored digital assets to your connected workstations and servers at the highest sustained speed. No drops or unpredictable performance, just sustained bandwidth you can rely on.

FastNAS offers huge time savings whilst leveraging its considerable performance advantage, cutting copy times and allowing more people to work together.

The large capacities on offer allow you to store lots of valuable data inside your FastNAS, GB Labs provide industrial strength RAID protection with VRE (Velocity RAID Engine) as standard.

In addition to the RAID 5 and RAID 6 data protection, FastNAS offers automated replication of data and fully integrated cloud support.

Further time savings are available with FastNAS F-16 and F-16 Nitro, as they are able to use FastNAS EX, a convenient hog pluggable expansion chassis with the ability to instantly resize your current storage with data still in place, allowing total expansion of your system up to 320TB.

How does it work?

FastNAS seamlessly combines the benefits of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) in one box;

The VRE (Velocity RAID Engine) manages and protects the HDD disks inside the unit and offers class leading low latency response and big performance combined with rock solid reliability for your data.

The unique Nitro technology inside enabled units learns what your most popular data is and then dramatically boosts the overall performance of the system by serving those files from its high speed SSD layer.*

* All data is stored to the RAID set prior to any Nitro boost for optimum data integrity.

What makes it different?

Performance, capacity and ease of use are the clear benefits gained from an ideal combination of technology;

• Incredible value shared storage, designed to outperform the competition in both price and performance

• Latest generation, ultra efficient hardware is combined with a new lightweight version of the tried and tested Core 3 OS as used in GB Labs Space, Echo and Vault systems.

• The Core OS 3 Lite offers an easy to use web interface combined with powerful remote support tools built onto an industrial grade OS (operating system) with many powerful workflow tools and beneficial features.

• On top of this FastNAS offers unique VRE RAID technology and Nitro hybrid disk management technology to boost its performance and deliver way beyond its physical size.

FastNAS is designed and built by the global leader and pioneer of SSD shared storage and hybrid disk technology, GB Labs, which brings 16 years of experience and development to this exciting new platform.

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